ORIENT: Mechanical Classic Watch, Leather Strap – 43.0mm (RA-AG0016B)

Model: RA-AG0016B


The design of this sophisticated ORIENT 43.5mm mechanical watch reflects a passion for classic style and exceptional watch making. The watch’s rounded boxed glass elegantly frames the curved silver bombe dial, which is set in a stainless steel case with naturally curved lugs. Other distinguishing features include a semi-skeleton view, an attractive crocodile textured band, stylish hands, tastefully designed roman numerals as hour markers, and a hand-wound crown with automatic self-winding functionality. The refined AG0016B supports water resistance of 30 meters.

დამატებითი ინფორმაცია



კორპუსის ფორმა


კორპუსის ზომა 3H-9H

31 მმ-ზე მცირე


მიმოხილვები ჯერ არ არის.

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